Day 10 - Shemkent / Kazahstan

Bratislava to Beijing
Shemkent / Kazahstan

If yesterday we experience piercing wind, gloomy grey sky and temperature of -19 degrees, then today the closer we get to Shimkent, the warmer the weather gets. The sky is clearing, the snow on the fields is disappearing and the spring sun starts to warm the glass of the window. At noon the thermometer exceeds twenty plus. And if in the morning we were wrapped in warm clothes, now we go outside for shooting in light jackets, and sometimes even T-shirts.


To diversify the picture we are trying to find some interesting sights and soon notice an amazing structure aside the road. It turns out to be excavations of the ancient city of Sauran. Seven-meter clay walls surround the territory of more than 2,000 square kilometers. This is an ideal place for another photo shoot. Our Touareg looks great against the backdrop of the ruins. There is a huge number of dirt roads around and we can’t resist the temptation to take some more pictures of our car there.


The closer we get to Almaty, the more unusual cars we come across on the road. Precisely speaking, the cars for this region are quite ordinary, but they are loaded with a huge amount of things located on the roof. The locals are moving from one city to another, apparently carrying presents to their relatives. 


During the day we frequenly meet herds of grazing sheep. At some point we decided to take a picture of our Touareg on the background of the herd. Having approached the shepherd, we asked him for permission. Good-natured and smiling, he gladly allowed us to take a few pictures but refused to pose for a photo himself.