Day 2 - Venice / Italy

Bratislava to Beijing

Day 21 - Beijing / China

Beijing / China

Early in the morning our Volkswagen Touareg finally leaves a customs zone and we are ready for further travel towards Beijing. Before the start we go to the Police Department of the city of Erenhot. We need to get transit numbers and issue temporary Chinese driver's license. According to the local law, we can not drive a car on the territory of China with the driving license of another state.

Day 19-20 - Erenhot / China

Erenhot / China

We are already in China, but to go at once to Peking unfortunately I can not. On registration of temporary importation of our Volkswagen Touareg to China it is required a lot of time. While customs formalities are being solved we try to get to the nearby town. But, without a car we are not released from customs, this transition works only on cars and it can not be moved on foot.

Day 18 - Ulan Bator / Mongolia

Ulan Bator / Mongolia

Mongolia doesn’t cease to amaze. Here every minute the past intertwines with the future and the present. Local residents do not actually use cash, all payments are made by Bank cards or transfers. And if you want to give a little bit of money to Lama coming from Ulan Bator to Kharkhorin, he will gladly tell you the number of  his account for transfer money.

Day 17 - Northen Mongolia / Mongolia

Northen Mongolia / Mongolia

We pass Russian-Mongolian border quite quickly, but right from this moment we begin to understand that now we are in a very colorful country. Those who are constantly moving between the two countries have their own rules and regulations. First, as soon as you have stopped, you should start running. It does not matter where, to passport control or to fill out a customs declaration.

Day 16 - Irkutsk / Russia

Irkutsk / Russia

In Irkutsk we were most interested in visiting lake Baikal. But, we not only wanted to see the Siberian fresh sea, but also to leave on ice of this magnificent natural miracle. Despite the fact that Siberia is now dominated by sub-zero temperatures, the spring sun warms very much during the day.

Day 15 - Krasnoyarsk / Russia

Krasnoyarsk / Russia

Just before our departure to Irkutsk we call in to the local Volkswagen dealer. Our appearance is of incredible interest for both visitors of the showroom and employees. Parked Touareg attracts a huge number of people. Everyone is eager to ask some questions. We are asked about the car, our journey and general impressions of the route.


Day 14 - Novosibirsk / Russia

Novosibirsk / Russia

Near Novosibirsk, we notice a huge number of tents and people sitting next to them on the ice of the Ob river. We drive closer and understand that these are local fishermen. Despite the working day, the river gathered numerous fans of ice fishing. All of them are complaining that this day is not a very successful one, all the fish they have caught today isn’t bigger than the palm of your hand.

Day 13 - Semey / Kazahstan

Semey / Kazakhstan

Just before our departure to Irkutsk we call in to the local Volkswagen dealer. Our appearance is of incredible interest for both visitors of the showroom and employees. Parked Touareg attracts a huge number of people. Everyone is eager to ask some questions. We are asked about the car, our journey and general impressions of the route.


Day 11 - Alma-Aty / Kazakhstan

Alma-Ary / Kazahstan

We spent the entire day in Alma-Aty. After resolving some operational issues in the morning, we start searching for interesting places in the city. At last we notice some interesting buildings, but as parking next to them is impossible, we decided to focus on shooting the car in motion against the backdrop of the urban landscape. After completing this work we go to the mountains.


Day 10 - Shemkent / Kazahstan

Shemkent / Kazahstan

If yesterday we experience piercing wind, gloomy grey sky and temperature of -19 degrees, then today the closer we get to Shimkent, the warmer the weather gets. The sky is clearing, the snow on the fields is disappearing and the spring sun starts to warm the glass of the window. At noon the thermometer exceeds twenty plus.

Day 9 - Aral / Kazahstan

Aral / Kazahstan

Our first intention in Aralsk was to park the car at the bottom of the Aral sea and make a few shots against the background of abandoned ships. We even found a local tour guide to assist us. But on the spot the weather has made adjustments to our plans.

Day 8 - Aktobe / Kazahstan

Aktobe / Kazahstan

Would you like to live in a house, which is completely white, from walls and ceiling to furniture and utensils? Not a single bright spot around, just a snow-white cocoon that surrounds you all the time. Winter Kazakhstan is exactly like this. Boundless white steppes. Cloud-covered sky. Sometimes you even don’t have a chance to see the horizon, and the constant snowfall.

Day 7 - Oral / Kazahstan

Oral / kazahstan

Early in the morning we drive up to the Russian-Kazakh border. Narrow road with rammed snow twists among fields with stunted vegetation. The day has just begun but we’ve already seen several cars lost control on the ice and fell off into the ditch. It’s frosty and poor fellows have to keep warm by jumping and running while waiting for help.


Day 6 -Tambov / Russia

Tambov / Russia

Around Tambov we see endless fields framed with forest. This landscape doesn’t look like a typical Russian winter one. We were looking for the background that would touch the soul and make you fall in love with Russia. But all we come across on our way are just small villages, snow-white fields and black skeletons of trees.

Day 5 - Moscow / Russia

Moscow / Russia

In general, this day has caused a great concern. Snow that had covered Moscow could give us a lot of trouble with the shooting. Based on our experience, we know that on such days getting around the city is very slow and we can lose a lot of time to move from one point to another. But we are lucky! Waking up in the morning we see the sun and no snowfall.

Day 4 - St. Petersburg / Russia

St. Peterburg / Russia

St. Petersburg welcomes us with incredibly nice weather. Light frost, sunshine and total absence of wind. The main entertainment in the winter city is walking across the Neva river and frozen canals. There’s endless traffic of people moving along the largest water artery of the city.

Day 3 - Riga / Latvia

Riga / Latvia

Unfortunately, today we had to adjust our plans for the day. Before starting to shoot in Riga, it was necessary to have our Touareg washed. But the arrival of spring and good weather did not allow it to be done properly. It seems that the whole city decided to wash its cars this morning. Wherever we came, we saw crowds of people.

Day 2 - Poznan / Poland

Poznan / Poland

In the morning we went to the Volkswagen office in Poland. Our arrival aroused great interest among the employees of the office. They were eager to know more details about the new version of Volkswagen Touareg. Unfortunately we cannot fully disclose information about the car yet, so we asked them to wait until the official premiere, which will be held in Beijing very soon.

Start from Bratislava

Bratislava / Slovakia

Today, right from the main entrance of the Volkswagen plant in the suburbs of Bratislava, was given the official launch of the new adventure called "Touareg - Bratislava2Beijing". During next few weeks we’ll travel more than 16,000 kilometers.