Start from Bratislava

Bratislava to Beijing
Bratislava / Slovakia

Today, right from the main entrance of the Volkswagen plant in the suburbs of Bratislava, was given the official launch of the new adventure called "Touareg - Bratislava2Beijing". During next few weeks we’ll travel more than 16,000 kilometers. The route of this project goes through the territory of Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. This time we travel on a prototype of the serial Touareg of the fourth generation.

On the first day we drove a bit more than a thousand kilometers. After the official start, accompanied by a column of 10 Touareg cars of the previous generations, we went to one of the castles located near Bratislava. Here, surrounded by fans from Touareg Club Slovakia, we made several snapshots of our car against the ancient walls of the castle. After that an impressive column went to the border with Austria where we bid farewell to the Slovak fans of a large SUV.

Within an hour we were in the very heart of the Austrian capital. The ancient city is replete with amazing attractions. Here you can admire kings’ residences, majestic churches and mind-blowing beauty. We certainly wanted to make some shots inside the interiors of this exciting city. We were so captured by the process that decided to step back a little from the schedule, so when we finally left Vienna it was getting dark.

The main part of our trip today ran through the territory of Poland.

And if several years ago travelling through this European country was a real torture, today the situation has changed radically. After the European Football Championship an extensive network of highways was widely developed in the country.

We arrived in Poznan late at night. Now we have several hours for rest and in the morning we’ll go to Latvia. Next stop is Riga.