Day 4 - St. Petersburg / Russia

Bratislava to Beijing
St. Peterburg / Russia

St. Petersburg welcomes us with incredibly nice weather. Light frost, sunshine and total absence of wind. The main entertainment in the winter city is walking across the Neva river and frozen canals. There’s endless traffic of people moving along the largest water artery of the city. Some people are in a hurry about their business, tourists are enthusiastically taking pictures on the background of the main attractions, the locals are skiing and skating and some daring guys are trying extreme ice cycling.


Our car is of great interest. Every passerby notices an unfamiliar car partially covered with camouflage. They obviously enjoy making photos of it.


At Palace square we are approached by the traffic police. They are very interested in every detail concerning the car: what kind of car we have, when it will appear in Russia and how much it will cost. Finally their curiosity is satisfied and they саn get back to ordinary duties. Just a few minutes later, when we plan an unauthorized entrance to the porch of one of the historic buildings, they appear again. Realising what sort of intentions we have, friendly guards gladly give the green light to our plans.


Moscow meets us with snowfall, traffic jams and a large number of accidents. I really hope that by morning the situation will change and we'll be able to get to Tambov in time.