Day 3 - Riga / Latvia

Bratislava to Beijing
Riga / Latvia

Unfortunately, today we had to adjust our plans for the day. Before starting to shoot in Riga, it was necessary to have our Touareg washed. But the arrival of spring and good weather did not allow it to be done properly. It seems that the whole city decided to wash its cars this morning. Wherever we came, we saw crowds of people. We tried to talk them into giving us a chance to jump the queue, but each time received a refusal. In the city where everyone is in a hurry nobody was willing to take a pity on us.

Well, we were still satisfied, as had a chance to compensate wasted time with a serial of great shots. From Riga we headed towards Tallinn, but did not reach the Estonian capital. At first we stopped at the town, where according to legend, the famous Baron Munchausen was born. On the border of the town there’s a monument to a man whose stories seem incredible and therefore very fascinating.

Later, we decided to take a picture of the car against the background of the sea. On the way we stopped in one of the towns and could not help but stay their before sunset. The winter Baltic sea is full of life. If in summer vacationers stroll along the snow-white sandy beach, then in winter, the ice replaces it. Some people go for cross-country skiing or try to play hockey, while others simply enjoy the surrounding or basking in the spring sun.

The most amazing moment of this day was the sunset over the sea. Hundreds of people lined along the coastline to watch this process. Bright colors filled the water, the sky became so juicy and appetizing that I wanted to grab some piece of it and have a bite. It is impossible to take your eyes away as sunset hypnotizes and immerses in nirvana.

But I have to finish shooting and hit the road.  the Estonian-Russian border. We were afraid to lose a lot of time there, as we needed to issue a temporary refund for our car. In fact, all customs formalities we passed very quickly. The staff helped us with the registration of documents, inspected our belongings and wished a happy journey.