Day 2 - Poznan / Poland

Bratislava to Beijing
Poznan / Poland

In the morning we went to the Volkswagen office in Poland. Our arrival aroused great interest among the employees of the office. They were eager to know more details about the new version of Volkswagen Touareg. Unfortunately we cannot fully disclose information about the car yet, so we asked them to wait until the official premiere, which will be held in Beijing very soon.

After the meeting at the office, we had to spend a little more time that was planned at the service of an official dealer in Poznan. But don’t worry, we didn’t break anything. The problem is that we are to use three laptops non-stop for operational work all day long that means charging the batteries continuously in the car. It turned out that the power of the outlet installed in the new Touareg is not enough for all our equipment. We decided to install an additional convector so we won’t have problems with charging in the future.

Right after the service we went straight to Riga. Unfortunately, the Polish road builders have not covered the whole territory of the country with excellent autobahns yet. About an hour after Warsaw we drove down to the painfully familiar local highways. Heavy traffic, settlements, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings have greatly slowed our progress.

We did our best, but managed to arrive in Latvia well after midnight. For tomorrow we have grandiose plans. By the evening we are going to get to Russia.