Day 5 - Moscow / Russia

Bratislava to Beijing
Moscow / Russia

In general, this day has caused a great concern. Snow that had covered Moscow could give us a lot of trouble with the shooting. Based on our experience, we know that on such days getting around the city is very slow and we can lose a lot of time to move from one point to another. But we are lucky! Waking up in the morning we see the sun and no snowfall. Looking at the traffic situation through a special service, we realized that Moscow isn’t loaded with traffic jams. All the factors are in our favor.


First of all, we go to Sparrow Hills to the main building of Moscow State University. We want to take some photos against the background of one of the symbols of the Russian capital. Just a few minutes after the start of work we see the alert of the police approaching. Technically, they want to tell us we are breaking the road markings, but the real reason is different. Local police wants to get more information about our car. Telling them about the mileage we receive the oral approval for shooting near the University building.


After finishing the photo session on Sparrow Hills, we go to the Kremlin. Now we are facing a difficult task. It’s necessary to place Touareg on the background of St. Basil's Cathedral. Usually it is not easy to do due to constant traffic jams and a huge number of tourists and police. But the luck is on our side again!  Tourists are hiding from the cold in the cafes, motorists being afraid of traffic jams, left their cars at home, and the Cathedral is shining in the rays of the setting sun. All we need now is to get a permission from the police for parking near the Kremlin. Just a couple of sentences, and permission is obtained. 10 minutes of shooting and we have footage with the Kremlin.


At the sunset we set off in the direction of Tambov. There are only 500 kilometers ahead, which we hope to overcome quickly enough.