Day 19-20 - Erenhot / China

Bratislava to Beijing
Erenhot / China

We are already in China, but to go at once to Peking unfortunately I can not. On registration of temporary importation of our Volkswagen Touareg to China it is required a lot of time. While customs formalities are being solved we try to get to the nearby town. But, without a car we are not released from customs, this transition works only on cars and it can not be moved on foot. Our guide stops UAZ and asks the driver to take us to the nearest town. He agrees, but in the car there are no seats except the driver's, so that in the city we drive sitting on the floor of the Russian SUV. 

By Chinese standards, the place where we will expect our Touareg is not even a town, but a very small village. There is only one medium-height skyscraper, 50,000 inhabitants and not even an airport. This is a very young city, which appeared simultaneously with the border crossing. Most likely in the coming years it will grow and become a real city. Today, Mongolian sellers come here in huge quantities. They buy unreal amounts of local goods and carry them for sale in Mongolia. Your UAZ, they load as much as possible, so that even in fact there is no place for the driver. For this reason in our car there were no chairs, the driver took out them that would release as much space as possible.

Actually everyone in this town is very quiet and peaceful. In fact, there are no cars in the streets, sellers miss the market, and restaurants open only in the late afternoon. We noticed that the only entertainment of the locals is playing cards. They gather in small groups and are excited to play in some game, the meaning of which we could not understand how not watching the process.

In the evening we go to one of the many restaurants to taste the local cuisine. To understand what you order even in the menu with pictures is quite problematic. Not knowing Chinese is not possible to determine what the meat in this dish and how much it is sharp. Thank you to our guide Mr. Wong for helping us to understand the diversity of the menu. By habit, we ordered several dishes per person. About your mistake, we realized in the moment when we started to bring huge portions and put on the table. Chinese portions are quite suitable for a small European company.

In the final dinner we decided to order a dessert, but there is no accepted after eating something sweet. It is good that the local very quickly respond to the wishes of visitors. A couple of minutes and we have on the table is ice cream, watermelon and other fruits from the nearest store.

We are waiting in the morning to go to Beijing, to which we have only 600 kilometers.