Day 11 - Alma-Aty / Kazakhstan

Bratislava to Beijing
Alma-Ary / Kazahstan

We spent the entire day in Alma-Aty. After resolving some operational issues in the morning, we start searching for interesting places in the city. At last we notice some interesting buildings, but as parking next to them is impossible, we decided to focus on shooting the car in motion against the backdrop of the urban landscape. After completing this work we go to the mountains.


First we stopped near the high-mountain skating rink Medeu. The world's largest mountainous complex for winter sports with the largest area of artificial ice field — 10,5 thousand sq.m. Highlands and pure mountain water for ice pouring contribute to achieving high results in speed skating. 200 world records at all distances among men and women have been set here! Alma-Aty skating rink was nicknamed as "factory of records". It is a state monument of urban planning and architecture of National importance.


After that we go to the observation deck and make a few great shots of a fantastic panorama of the city. This day can’t be called a busy one, but tomorrow we will have to overcome quite a long distance, planning to stop on the way to the canyon.