Day 8 - Aktobe / Kazahstan

Bratislava to Beijing
Aktobe / Kazahstan

Would you like to live in a house, which is completely white, from walls and ceiling to furniture and utensils? Not a single bright spot around, just a snow-white cocoon that surrounds you all the time. Winter Kazakhstan is exactly like this. Boundless white steppes. Cloud-covered sky. Sometimes you even don’t have a chance to see the horizon, and the constant snowfall. If not for the black veins of roads and rare shrubs, then it would be possible to lose orientation in space. 


So, you can imagine the conditions we have on the way towards Aralsk. I must give credit to the local drivers who soberly assess weather conditions, and move as carefully as possible. And if in the previous days we constantly watched the cars which took off in a ditch, then today we don't see any accidents.


 Aralsk itself once was standing on the seashore, but now only rusty shipwrecks remind us of those times. Today, tourists don’t come to Aralsk to lie on the shore of the warm sea. They are interested in the consequence of the crash that dried up the vast body of water. They are attracted by the opportunity to walk along the bottom of the former sea, take a few photos against the backdrop of dying ships. The scenery brought before the sight came here is mind-boggling. It seems like you're on a different planet.